How it all began

Back in 2007, that’s when Joseph and Dominique began their organic adventure. They were both looking for a fresh start, to give deeper meaning to their respective careers.

With a background in the hospitality sector Joseph gained his experience working across the various disciplines of the trade rising to top level management as director general of élite hotels. Dominique’s leaning, on the other hand, had always been towards complementary and alternative health therapies driving her to explore the fields of aromatherapy, floral remedies, naturopathy and nutrition. And she went further delving into the underlying causes that trigger sickness and stress. Here then was a highly compatible duo for the launch of a commercial venture destined to give free rein to the couple’s passions and aspirations.

The First Location : By coincidence Dominique came across the ideal location for the first Be Positive store right in the heart of the EU neighborhood.The two story site offered organic groceries, a snack corner, food supplements and cosmetics on the ground floor. Downstairs the basement provided wellness therapies.

Here over four years Dominique and Joseph would come to develop their partnership, their knowledge of the organic sector and its players.

The second Be Positive : But rue du Parnasse quickly became too small so while on a stroll round the district, Joseph found a building on Place Jourdan that answered all their expectations. With 360m2 on two levels, this site had the potential to allow Be Positive to flourish and live up to all its aspirations. In October 2010 the 2nd store opened its doors.

It is here that Dominique would develop the wellness side of the business, through food supplements, promoting and improving health, pure natural cosmetics of genuine benefit to the skin and pollutant-free household cleaning products that protect our soils and oceans. Tackling the practical side of organic foods suited to every generation Joseph set about developing an on-the-spot gastronomic buffet service.

And who better than an experienced chef to titillate the taste buds with the fruits of organic agriculture?

As the first store closed its doors in September 2013, Be Positive Jourdan positioned itself as a complete seamless concept providing premium goods grown and manufactured with the respect of the environment as priority. The concept offers the consumer the convenience of sampling products on the spot. Aside from the food buffet cooked fresh daily, is an a-la-carte juice bar and vegan raw cakes prepared by Dominique to suit a variety of tastes.

Why not take time to bask in the welcoming atmosphere. Put our friendly staff to the test, they will help with your every query. Spoil yourself!

Our multilingual multicultural team is attuned to every situation. Well informed staff, aware of planetary concerns and of the stressful pace of modern-day life, are on hand to listen to your every need.

We adapt to client demands daily but not just commercially, more particularly in the context of green concerns. We strive to respond to customer queries to the best of our ability and always from the standpoint of protecting the environment. The world is in constant movement and our knowhow is challenged continually. So should the emphasis be on local? Yes, but Africa depends on trade with us and efforts made there in organic agriculture and biodynamics deserve our confidence. So should ethics be the defining factor? If so, on what basis? Without financial capital how to develop, progress, grow in an international environment demanding we broaden our horizons? And what of the ecological footprint, a vast debate set in a world advancing at speed? Happily, today, increasingly, these issues are being addressed and rapidly answers are being found.

It all boils down to a question of conscience and for us, apart from our positive stance, we make sure our choices are well founded.

Step over our thresh-hold, take the conscious decision. Be Positive sets itself out to be a place of welcome with over all appeal. We feel we have made our vision reality.