Nos Produits

As to our products, in a world where respect for the environment is a must, we believe that the stress should be on organic, quality, local goods nurtured in healthy working conditions with a duty of care for the workers involved. We do the maximum to ensure our range of 5000 products meet these standards .

We select choice goods for the consumer allowing him to access a comprehensive alternative range equivalent to that of a supermarket. Organics can and does cater to all the daily household needs.

From fruit, vegetables and cosmetics, to household goods, food supplements, and wines not forgetting baby products and much more, know that our wide range caters to everyone.



Cereals, cheese, honeys and wine, you’ll find a broad choice for each meal of the day here. All of it certified organic! The best brands are selected for you, the well known, and the lesser known but well worth discovering.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are the basis of our nutrition, which is why, together with our partner-supplier, 7 days a week we are at pains to choose the best products putting the focus on provenance and season.

Gluten and lactose free foods

Gluten and lactose intolerance or allergy is on the increase. It isn’t easy
finding quality products free of them. At Be Positive a well-stocked
department devoted to the issue is on hand. You’ll find sugar and salt free
foods too and breads, biscuits, and pasta. Lactose-free cheeses, milk,
yogurt, chocolate and cakes. You’ll have no trouble maintaining a healthy
and varied diet here. Better still our chefs prepare a variety of gluten and
lactose free dishes daily using ingredients on sale at the shop.

Diet Supplements

This section is a real boon to the shop, it offers a wide selection of natural products from several top laboratories – Solgar, Be Life, Superdiet, Jade,
Ladrôme – and on hand to answer any questions you may have is our qualified team. Aromatherapy is well represented too – essential oils, hydrolats – as is phytotherapy, gemmotherapy and flower water remedies
(Bach’s flowers amongst others)..


Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, Melvita, LiftArgan, Jonzac are among the well known brands we stock, in addition we carry various smaller hand-crafted product lines formulated locally.There are beauty care creams, make up from Zao, Dr. Hauschka and Santé as well as personal hygiene, hair colouring and other preparations. All the heart’s desires no less!

Baby products

For the tiny tots, a wide choice of milks, vegetable milks, baby food formulas, biscuits, fruit compots, nappies, creams from the most reputable companies : Weleda, Biobim, Holle, Bamboo …) … just what kids need to get off to a good start in life.

Household goods

Our organic cleaning products are derived from natural ingredients designed to protect the environment and health. At Be Positive you’ll find a large choice, everything for cleaning, scrubbing, laundering and dish-washing; brought to you by makes like Klok, Ecodoo, Biotop and Etamine du Lys. More, if you are the D.I.Y. sort Ecodis offers a huge choice of materials for the purpose.

A big plus

We haven’t forgotten our friends the animals either. Chez B+ cat and dog foods is on sale.

Then to crown your organic experience, a selection of books and magazines on health and well-being can be found. Stroll around and pick up ideas for great gifts or for improving health habits at home: see our juicers from Jazz Max and blenders or discover various techniques to vitalize your drinking water.

Keep an eye out for the wellness conferences and product tastings our supplier-partners organize at the shop too.  Click here for details.